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Two Sides Of The Same Evil by ViktorBrightPumpkin patch by JPMNegKirys - Druchii by CristianACUnder the Sunset by zugaikotsu-no-jooThe world of men shall fall by EduardoLeon
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Forest Pond Mermaid by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Knight and Dragon by CristianACAidan Turner by Najeebah-KClosest to heaven by Kris-KamikakushiMerida by chryssv

Mature Content

Drown redraw by ch0co-pudding
So Alone by PodaViktor-SK


Calvin Harris Drawing N Photo by im-sorry-thx-all-byeThe blond by evlenaThranduil by xxMagicGlowxxPortrait of ... unknown - Like one friend by kelmalazOld School Glam by DrKnowles
Professor Frisbee by BWald1Sansa Stark by Tenebrarvm

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The Forever Encroaching by Life-takers-crayons
The Master Assassin !!! by Ankredibleuntitled by kiaraausanio
dreams by MsSophieArtDropped by FaeryWingACEO - Monarch by ElvenstarArtSymbiosis by XRlSMellas by erzsebet-beast
Oh come! by JagtruWeave come a long way by Gunpwder[The Hobbit] Bag End by BouSaitou1995

Mature Content

Scorpion Girl by im-sorry-thx-all-bye
Winter Brook (2) by DrKnowles
Friends with cats by ChristinaMandySolitude by Jagtruwhere were you by juju-beanz


Prophetic Memories by kkartLong Exposure Milky Way Editing FREE Tutorial by Andrei-OprincaGolden Hour by IdunaHayaPhotographyBleak and barren... by thewolfcreekImmortal Mortality by ANNGEINROGER Silence by LuperkaliaBee's Blossom by Joojie99A butterfly's morning by virnagrayLily by Heidi-V-ArtBlues by Deb-e-ann Take a bow by MauraGreenDark heart... by thewolfcreekThe Great Valley by Komodo99Stare by EveVictusPoetry of autumn by NarcissaForsworth


The Perfume of ImmortalsHow she longed in myriad dreams of amaranthine
Thy ghostly-visage jewel'd deep into my soul
And I became entombed in her velvet-nightfall ...

O’ the Gods hath yield to our insatiable darkness
Black-feathered priests covet the stars above
And far below the pale glow of Moon,
We are beautiful decay in forests of crimson
Our lips undress in the aching firmament; —
Wherest our love must perish in mystery ..
I bathe thee ravenous in whispers of sanguine
Runes spill from the wounds of trees,
As her tongue weaves thru my undead soul
The syrup of Night unmoored, enchants flesh,
Whereof fabled spirits unveil a dark-ballet
(Immortals lost in the perfume of bloodlust)
Yet Insanity ravaged the memoirs of the sky ..
And my lust;—A dagger in the breast of dawn
For I am the ash of a bewailing fairy-tale,
The splendour of necromancy rising
Long did I watch her raven-hair billow softly;
How the winds tease of beauteous death!
Unto worlds end;—we are poised,
Like silhouett
Relativity of What it isThe door I see everyday,unopened,asleep.
Since the day I became too shy to knock,
And they were too hateful and their hurts too deep,
To ask me, ''do you want something?''
The day an ant had bitten my finger,
And my unripe mind had thought it was a snake,
The rough old lady was there and her
Arms pulled me in through the door.
The womb that I once had as a home,
held me close to her and bitterness of the world
Seemed so little,and the question used to roam
'Where did I come from and who was the man?'
When the door became shut it took
Everything I had with it and never gave back
The worm that I touched,deceived by it's look
Or the evenings I spent in that room.
Men claim to love and heal
But all they do is laugh and make love
And sometimes share their hands and feel
That they should make me laugh.
The likes and dislikes have been changed.
Altered is line from logic to interpretation.
The things I had and the things I could become have rained
And by the drains were wholeheartedly welcome
A crumbled paper at the train stopSadness on a piece of paper 
that a poet wrote...
What is it  with these people 
and their aching souls?
Aching souls...
Night without sleep 
holding on to pain,
I wonder if the poem 
would sound better then...
Better then...
Seating by the tracks 
waiting for the train
I wonder if my lover 
will be home today, before it rains?
Before it rains...
I look at this paper
and I wonder why 
we spend so much time 
wishing to the stars...
Wishing to the stars...
Why don't we simply say...
I love you, to the ones we do.
Why we don't trust our instincts 
in the matters of the heart...?
Matters of the heart...
The lyrics that he wrote 
were perfect and so clever 
I wonder if he could whisper them
to his intended lover...?
Intended lover...
Or will it be just paper
flying through the wind
and she will never know 
how he really feels...?
How he really  feels...
I hope he tells his heart
that he whispers in her ears
and do not let
Inner terrestrials
Look into my eyes,
see my mind is like space and
my thoughts are like a Galaxy
Traverse my universe & see,
you are my gravity
even in every matter
made of stars that burn
for time indefinite even forever
And you remind me of Aphrodite,
when she was born from the sea,  
waiting for me,everyone wanted
to see the amulet of Aphrodite.
like a white shark with a cold
grin I came to you and sat you
down on an Einstein Rosen bridge,
and then I said; my love for you
is still burning despite my treason.
Is my love forbidden? You've looked
at me like a bee. But despite my
sting you've over looked my being.
I'm sorry. Here's the necklace that
I have taken, please, wear it like
a bracelet an anklet or even a ring.
and may you glow like the sun over
the earthlings.
Harmonic DissonanceNight is day's dawn,
light is dark's spawn,
moon is sun's face,
awake in our space.
Our thoughts interweave,
our perceptions deceive.
In difference we find
it's all the same mind.
Harmonious sight
connects day with night.
A storm is clear weather
that binds us together.

Mature Content

Little from my midnight disillusioned poetic selfThe last tree fell on the road,very close
Was it since I let others go,bombing sound.
Bleeding star of eye,black with rose.
Poisonous leaves clashed and sprinkled blue.
I urged,I begged,I paid
My wages by fixing or trying to fix.
I tried,Wouldn't lie or cry,my head
Spun bad,can't bear the Sad.
Fate of the one who sticks aroundAnd whoever may find a piece of pearl
While staring at the eyeball of a leech.
Beware! Salt takes some time to hurl
You never know
where they would make a breach.
Beware! As it clings until it dies.
But it just wants to suck the poison out of you.
Grows bigger and bigger yet melts within, it lies
On your bare chest,
It's time to use some salt,murder it,make it new!

Thank you
:iconanngeinroger: :iconshining-gloom:
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